About us

We are a sales agent for those companies who have a good product or solution and want to effectively reach their clients in Poland and abroad or those who look for a business partners or sub-contractor in Poland.

Our rich experience in product and service sales to medium and big companies from many industries ensure that sales channels such as business events, trades, traditional and online sales activities are effective and efficient.

The deep knowledge of the Polish market in majority of industries starting with manufacturing (automotive, furnishing, pharmaceutical, FMCG etc) industries, though heavy industries and energy sectors to service providers (banking, insurance, telecommunication, medical and healthcare services) is important for our partners who want to target well their activities and enter the market successfully or find the right business partner.

In higati we feel strong when it comes to building business relations. After a thorough analysis of our partner’s goals we select the best sales tools to achieve them.
We often work in a success fee model.

Over 13 years of experience in B2B and B2B2C sales, marketing, events, fairs and business media are at your service now. We have the same goals as you because we are your sales department where you need us.