Sales outsourcing

Why to outsource your sale?

  • arranging meetings with potential clients
  • attending sales meeting and negotiations in Polish and English languages
  • developing dedicated offers, marketing and sales materials
  • attending trades and fair-shows as sales support in Poland and abroad
  • advise in developing sales strategy
  • implementing proper sales tools e.g. CRM, social media
  • recruiting sales representatives

B2B Interim Sales Management – flexible sales solutions

Whether you want to build your new b2b sales team or to improve the effectiveness of the existing one? Higati it the right partner to do it with.

We will develop and prepare an independent sales structure ready for new opportunities. We recruit and train everyone from Sales Representatives to Regional Managers but also help you set goals and tasks, as well as ways to monitor and account for their implementation. We will be ready to help and support also afterwards so that your company can grow further maintaining high level of sales.

B2B interim sales management is a perfect solution for companies seeking effective support of professional and experienced sales team that they can implement immediately in their companies.

Hiring an interim manager provides immediate assistance in change implementation that will affect the financial results of your organization. Whether there is a leadership gap or you need to improve salesforce efficiency, b2b interim sales management is the most cost-effective solution.

Why to outsource your sale?

The development of a company is primarily related with the development of the product or service offered. Sales are one of many elements of the company’s activity, which often takes a key role in the process of increasing the company’s value. Properly set sales processes often decide about the company’s success. However, the management does not always have the appropriate resources, time or competences that would allow for building a stable sales department. It also happens that a company introducing new products or services does not have enough resources to set sales – then it is worth using professional sales outsourcing.


  • you want to enter the Polish market and are looking for an advisor or a reliable partner or sub-contractor
  • If you want to build a sales department in Poland quickly and efficiently without risk and unnecessary costs
  • you have an interesting product or service, but you do not know how to reach new customers in Poland and abroad
  • You are a great seller, you know your clients’ needs well, but you lack the time or resources for active sales
  • current marketing activities and recommendations are not enough to build the scale of your business
  • you are looking for new sales channels
  • you are looking for a partner, a subcontractor for your project at home or abroad
  • see how we can help you.

Why is it worth to use the outsourcing of sales:

reduces the risk of failure in sales processes (a company does not always have adequate competences and resources available)
a relatively low cost of using this form of sales (taking the risk of launching structures and positions responsible for certain sales processes inside your own organization is often very expensive)
Availability of resources as part of outsourcing of sales (conducting complex recruitment processes is long-lasting and not always possible)
Diversification of sales sources
Opportunity to use more advanced systems and solutions than those used in a company.

High competences ensure


comprehensive experience in building multi-channel sales


a dedicated team of traders shortens the path of reaching customers


we are always where you need us

We specialize in B2B sales campaigns directed at:

  • large companies
  • medium-size companies
  • companies by selected industry

We reach top-level business people i.e

  • CEO, board members,
  • owners Directors,
  • Managers

Our clients most often offer products and solutions in:

  • manufacturing: automation, robotization, machines and manufacturing equipment
  • energy solutions
  • financial services
  • IT systems and applications
We are not call-center either a marketing agency. We are your partner in sales working for you and with you. Knowing the market well we reach companies that soon might be your clients.